Review of the implementation and impacts of the 14-19 Diplomas

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This project conducted a review of the implementation and impacts of the 14-19 Diplomas run by a further education college and associated consortia. The Diplomas’ primary aim was to provide a qualification that combined academic and vocational learning by promoting hands-on approaches, and the involvement of employers and training providers in teaching.

Data were collected from a range of sources, including numerical data relating to uptake and achievement, questionnaire responses from teachers and students involved in the Diplomas and interviews with a wide range of staff.
Analysis focused on the factors affecting the uptake of students onto the Diplomas since 2008, the delivery of the Diplomas and the achievement and progression routes for students following their qualification. Examples of good practice were highlighted in many cases. However, it was evident that some major issues had prevented the full ethos of the Diplomas from being realised, in particular during their first year of operation. Therefore, key areas for development were highlighted, focusing on the provision of accurate and targeted Information and Guidance, training opportunities for teaching staff and improved communication networks between staff.
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