Market Issues: Telematics for Health Care Annexe 2

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Details of the characteristics of the market (at the European and national level), and the policy framework used to provide and manage provision of health services (at the European level) are identified and described.
It is identified that substantial difficulties are normally experienced in the deployment of telematic systems and services for this industry sector, and that few projects have been able to demonstrate social or economic benefits.  The health industry sector covers the three main areas of activity:
• Health care;
• Health protection;
• Health promotion;
In most member states these activities are integrated at least partially, and services supplied by a large number of different organisations.  These countries that have high levels of integration of services are demonstrably able to secure similar health outcomes more cost-effective than countries with lower levels of integration.
This annexe contains statistics and information regarding different policy areas and their objectives, in regard to health services, which has been disseminated in the main report, ‘Market Issues: Telematics for Health Care’.

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