The Research Centre is situated under Innovation and Partnerships at City College Norwich and provides a research and evaluation service both externally and internally, whilst also supporting the College and its staff in many other ways too. Since its inception, The Research Centre has secured over £1.69million from external funding for research into educational foci and evaluation projects.

We welcome your comments on this website. Any comments that help us to improve the site, making it a focal point and one stop shop for those involved and interested in research within the FE sector.

If you work within the College and are interested in conducting a research project then we can help you with your project from proposal to print (P2P), please see the Proposal to Print page (P2P) for more information.

Research Centre News

SOUL Record update

City College Norwich is in the process of updating the SOUL Record © into an online subscription programme. This will enable us to manage the site, giving users news and annual adaptations, offering online training and evaluation/feedback opportunities. The site is currently disabled as the conversion takes place and we aim to launch the SOUL Record © from early 2014. All registered users will be contacted prior to this date but if, in the meantime, you have any concerns or questions please email sarah.taylor@ccn.ac.uk.

HEA’s HE in FE Scholarly Activity & Research Workshops

HEA’s HE in FE Scholarly Activity & Research Workshops

Research and scholarly activity play an integral role in the emerging HE ethos in FE colleges.  IQER, HE strategies and FDAP has led to a greater emphasis been placed upon the opportunities for staff to engage with scholarly activity.  Over the past three years Dr Angus Carpenter (City College Norwich) and Dr Becky Turner (Plymouth University), on behalf of the Academy, have delivered a series of research and scholarly activity workshops to raise the profile of these activities to the sector.   Building on the success of these previous events, we have developed a new programme to provide HE in FE professionals with an introduction to the knowledge and skills associated with research and scholarly activity.  Through a series of practical activities, guest speakers and case studies, we will collectively consider the contribution research can make to the college environment, particularly in terms of enhancing practice and policy.  
This workshop will address the following areas:
·         Developing funding applications;
·         Research design;
·         Research impact;
·         Dissemination.
Dates & venues:
2nd March 2012 – City & Islington College, London
30th March 2012 – Bradford College
30th May 2012 Warwickshire College
You are advised to book early as places are limited and these have proven to be popular and valuable events, as the feedback below indicates:
Feedback from past events: 
“On the whole a thought-provoking day, with some good experiences from colleagues working within FE.” (HE in FE lecturer)
“A very useful event which I think will have both personal and institutional impact” (HE manager)

“It told me to value my existing practice.”  (HE in FE lecturer)

Data Handling Resources

Learning resources have been developed by HEA for use either with students or staff development. They were commissioned specifically for use within the HE in FE sector but can be used more liberally if of relevance to you. They were intended to be stand-alone, bite-sized pieces that address/ highlight issues surrounding data for beginners; the different types of data, its collection, its analysis and presentation formats.

Dr. Angus Carpenter (City College Norwich)
Dr. Rebecca Turner (University of Plymouth)
Dr. Simon Busby (City College Norwich)


HEA Research Skills Workshops Evaluation

A report has been produced to evaluate the suite of research skills workshops, carried out in academic years 2009/10 and 2010/11, designed to assist managers and practitioners in developing their institutional and personal research and scholarly activities.

The report reviews the rationale behind the workshops, evaluation of each event and methods used and gives recommendations for future activities.

The full report can be accessed here:



Final Report now available- Reviewing the structure and effectiveness of HE resources on Blackboard

Web-based learning has become increasingly important to Higher Education (HE) over the last 10 years. As a result, a range of virtual learning environments (VLEs) such as Blackboard have been developed to facilitate, and promote web-based and interactive learning.

Final Report now available - Review of the implementation and impacts of the 14-19 Diplomas

This project conducted a review of the implementation and impacts of the 14-19 Diplomas run by a further education college and associated consortia. The Diplomas’ primary aim was to provide a qualification that combined academic and vocational learning by promoting hands-on approaches, and the involvement of employers and training providers in teaching.

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